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My favourite free fonts for use in Blogs and Presentations

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User Friendly

The font you use in a design, presentation or blog says as much about you as it does about your subject.  Choosing the right one can really sell the idea you are trying to convey, or conversely make your message laughable.  With that in mind, I thought I would share some free fonts that I really like.  Let me know what you think!


metropolisYou can download the font here



You can download the font here


pacifico (Medium) (Small)

You can download the font here

Grand Hotel

grand hotel (Medium)

You can download the font here

So what do you think these fonts are saying?

+Alesandra Blakeston

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Today’s Quote

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Sitik's Blog

“Be nice to people on your way up because you meet them on your way down.” ~ Jimmy Durante

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Kata-Kata Motivasi

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Tentang Cinta (LOVE)

Gagal sekali tidak bermakna kita akan gagal selamanya, teruskan usaha sehingga anda mencapai apa dicitakan

Jangan terlalu memikirkan pandangan orang terhadap anda, fikirkan apa pandangan anda terhadap diri anda sendiri.

Tidak ada manusia yang hidup untuk gagal, tetapi tidak merancang adalah merancang untuk gagal.

Bulan menerangi malam, ilmu menerangi hidup.

Hari yang mendatang tidak akan memberikan sebarang makna jika kegagalan semalam tidak dijadikan teladan.

Jika kau tidak disibukkan denga kebaikan, maka kau akan sibuk dengan keburukan

Jika kita melakukan sesuatu dengan keikhlasan, nescaya ganjaran yang kita terima juga setanding dengan apa yang kita usahakan

Semakin jauh kita cuba lari dari menyelesaikan masalah, semakin dekat ianya datang menghampiri kita

Ejekan, cacian, makian itu semua hanyalah hasutan negatif yang perlu diabaikan, teruskan hidup dengan pemikiran positif.

Hati yang bersih akan bergetar hanya kerana sentuhan yang kecil. Sementara hati yg kotor tidak berguna baginya nasihat dan ancaman

Orang yang paling berkuasa adalah orang…

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Dead wax inscriptions

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Auto-Scrobbling bookmarklet

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I’ve recently got back into the habit of using Last.Fm (again!) and scrobbling whatever I’m listening to, to it. This has been fine for the most part, I use either Spotify or iTunes to listen to my music and both of these having scrobbling features, I also occasionally listen to Last.FM radio, which of course has scrobbling as part of it.

The last thing that I couldn’t work out, was scrobbling the music played on the radio. I’m a big fan of BBC 6Music, it’s a brilliant station, great for when you’re at work and you really shouldn’t be mucking about with choosing music too much and there’s rarely a track that I’m embarrassed to say I’ve listened to.

However, there is very little provision for scrobbling radio stations, it’s generally very platform specific. One website has the answer however, Universal Scrobbler will fetch the track listings from several…

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WinToolkit v1.5.0.x [What To Expect + Extra]

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